Building with us means you get an estate hand crafted with passion and precision in every detail; an estate that makes a lasting impact on all those who see it and to the veterans whose lives you saved. Building with us means you've worked immensely hard, you've risen in wealth and status, but have not forgotten those in need behind.

Forged in Fire

As bullets snapped overhead and the enemy fortified their position, two Marines dreamed of what they’d do if they ever made it home; thick steaks, new cars, and hot women were typically at the center of the dreams, but this day was different. That day, trapped on a berm in Afghanistan, they talked about starting a company where they could leverage their experience as engineers and continue leading and uplifting veterans. They didn’t know it then, but that was the birth of Veteran Builders and its mission. From a sandy berm in Afghanistan to a custom estate in Laguna Beach, through the times our owner had to sell his furniture to make payroll to a multi-million dollar company, we have been unwavering in our values of servitude and honor. We are humbled by our beginnings, but invigorated by the inevitable impact of our future. We can’t thank our clients and partners enough for making this war-zone dream a reality and saving veteran lives with every contract we are awarded.

Our Mission

Too many of us look right through as if they aren’t even human anymore. We see their long, dirty hair, clothes filled with holes, and sign that reads “Veteran. Anything Helps. God Bless,” but check our phone or pretend we are focused on something in the distance to avoid making eye contact with them. With more than 37,000 veterans sleeping on the streets each night, this is a scene that plays out every day in every city across our nation. It is our mission, our reason for existing, to end veteran homelessness. The money we earn by building our clients’ homes funds the development of permanent supportive housing for these forgotten warriors. These are homes, their homes, where they get access to case managers, find purpose and meaning for themselves, and have a deserved second chance at life. We can’t do this without our clients; together, we can end veteran homelessness and save the heroes that have earned it.

The homes we build for you, help build homes for them.

Our Values

We have built our company utilizing three core values: Honor, Service, and Efficiency. Each person on our team and all of our trade partners were hand selected because they consistently deliver unparalleled customer service through quality craftsmanship, communication, good character, and timeliness. By weaving our core values into all that we do, you and your home will be treated with the respect, commitment, and quality deserved.

Your Home

Every detail of your estate is hand crafted to invoke a feeling of accomplishment and status. You've worked hard your entire life and deserve to own the home that neighbors slow down to admire when they drive by. Whether it's 2,000 or 20,000 square feet, your home will have presence that lasts through the generations. Build a legacy and know you saved lives doing it.